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Friday, October 16, 2015

Innovation Brewing November 7

It's been a little while since we played a show. As you may know, the craft beer industry in western North Carolina is a fast moving train that Aj and I jumped onto in full motion. While it has left us some time to play at home and church, it has really consumed show time.

We are excited for the opportunity to play out more this winter. Join us on Saturday, November 7 in Sylva, NC at Innovation Brewing as we get back into the swing of performing live shows. We have playing at Innovation for several reasons. The first is the obvious reason.....fine craft beer. Another highlight for us are the people that work there. Most of them are musicians themselves and all of them are the kindest faces you'll ever see behind a bar.

I've written some new songs that I am excited to share. AJ has a bunch of fun new pedals and some killer leads to come through 'em.

So join us in Sylva next month. Come have a beer. Come ask us about our adventures. If you've never met us, come let us shake your hand or give you a hug. You know you need one. Come here us play our hearts out. It's all for you......ok, we get a little out of it too.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year!

photo by stephanie nemyer
We are looking forward to a great 2015. Lots of musical things happening for us both! We will be back in my hometown of Griffin, GA this month. While there, we will use the time to rehearse with my brother-in-law, Jason Nemyer. He will be sitting in as drummer for The Liz Nance Trio at our January 30th show in Sylva, NC at No Name Sports Pub. We also plan on slipping down to Bank Street Cafe while we're in town to share some original music with old and new friends. That show will take place Monday, January 19th. Maybe we'll throw in a few tunes that honor MLKjr.

photo by pat thomas
To see us with our regular drummer, Bradley Noble, join us at Innovation Brewing on Saturday, January 24th. Last time we played there we had an awesome experience and we're excited about doing it again! The trio has a lot of shows already on our 2015 calendar. Excited about playing and traveling more with this outfit. Looking forward to spring and summer! We will be back at Nantahala Brewing for the Music on Tap series on April 10th. Our drummer Bradley has taken our original music to new heights! We love it!

Thanks to everyone who supports live music! Happy New Year and lots of love!!
Liz Nance

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

new stories, new songs

Aj and I haven't played a show as a duo in quite some time. A lot of this has to do with other bands and work. I have been playing and singing with a new band, Dogwood Winter. Aj has been busy as the sound engineer at Nantahala Brewing Company. However, we have been writing and rehearsing. Join us this Saturday, August 9th at the GSMRR Depot in Bryson City as we start playing shows together again! We will be sharing some new songs and some new stories. Show is free and starts at 6:30pm. Thursday, August 14th we will be at the Marianna Black Public Library in Bryson. Show is free and starts at 7pm. We always enjoy playing at the library where we have the opportunity to talk to the audience and tell the stories behind our music.

Life is good. We are grateful for our talents and gifts. We are also appreciative to everyone in our community who has supported us as artists. Lots of love!!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

enjoy the ride - original song lyircs

wasn't it all nice?
i enjoyed the ride
down and around we'd go
and i'd stop the car
hell of a good time it was

sneaking and tripping
and wearing suspenders
we were creating scenes
with buckets of imagination

we were riding high
but we come down
even cats hit the floor

hey, i enjoyed the ride
she was such a young girl
a child in my mind
adult in my soul

anyway, i'd go
i could get anything in the world for you
if you want me to

dreams say
i ought to be a millionaire

some said i'd have to pay
i knew i'd see that day
sooner than later
but the judge he will be my friend
you've got to admit
that i'm a sweet talking
trash talker

hey, i enjoyed the ride
in the back of your cop car
hell of a good time
it was

hey, i enjoyed the ride